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When it is Time For Home Additions, Call Modular for the Best Service in Toronto
The larger your home is, the more functions it can provide for you and your family. Someone who loves to cook could greatly benefit from a larger kitchen and people who enjoy entertaining may require a larger living room or dining area. As well, as families begin to grow, it can be necessary to add more bedrooms. By expanding your home's square footage, you can increase the value of your house substantially. You will also be able to enjoy your home to the greatest extent.

Modular is a home renovations company in Toronto and we excel in providing our clients with cost-effective home additions. We can provide new floor space on the ground level of your home, or we can add more bedrooms by adding a second story to your bungalow. Although there are many home improvement companies in Toronto, we pride ourselves on giving our customers honest and reliable service. One of the most difficult parts in dealing with home renovations is that people are forced to deal with a variety of unreliable contractors. People are rightfully wary about what company they select to do major work on their home. Modular has a step-by-step process for home additions that is outlined to our customers before we start any work. We also provide a special warranty for our products and services that is combined with an after-sale guarantee.
Modular follows a systematic procedure for your home additions so that you are able to understand the entire process from beginning to end. Once our professionals have consulted with you and discussed your goals, we will give you an accurate estimate using advanced software.
When we expand your ground floor, you have the option to choose from several of our templates and can increase your living space from 700 to 1000 square feet. Once your design is chosen, Modular constructs the addition offsite. In fact, sixty percent of the building process occurs away from your home. This reduces the amount of disruption to your daily life that happens during regular home additions. You and your family will never have to leave the comfort of your home. Furthermore, because the additions are built in one of our factories, you are not limited to certain times of the year to do your home renovations. Modular is available all year round. This can come in handy if you know that you will be getting a new addition to your family, or if you want to increase your living space to match your growing lifestyle. We can conveniently help you anytime of the year.

The safe offsite construction process is used for second story additions. Modular builds your new level offsite and once it is ready, we deliver it to your home and attach it in a matter of hours. When the roofing is all set, we put the finishing touches and your can begin to enjoy your new home.
Call Modular to see how we can simplify your home addition project.
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